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About us


China to you International Business Service
·  "We Endeavour to give a friendly, first class service at all times..."
·  "We have an extensive network of contacts within China…”
·  "We will supply all range of products and services to you..."
China to you is an international business service company based in Guangzhou , China. Our specialty is in ceramics and our main focus is on sourcing, quality control and inspection services for buyers worldwide.

Our mission is to ensure that your company makes the right decision and safe guard your interest in your procurement activities.

Our involvement will greatly reduce the time spent, saving your resources, at the same time speed up your sourcing and vendor selection process

With a team of dedicated staff located through out China, our aim is to become an extension of your company that deals with all your procurement activities while delivering better pricing, quality, service and reliability and letting you get on with business back home.


With an ever increasing port folio of new businesses which comprises of Furniture, Sanitary wares, Bathroom sets, and Home appliance, Electronics and Aluminum products etc. We believe we can cater and serve the most sophisticated markets.

We placed high emphasis on trust & integrity. Over the years, China to you has managed to secure regular business from big names in Middle East, Europe and Africa. Our specialty and professionalism has gained the trust of many of our customers and our clientele has grown steadily in the world.

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